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Questions About Billing

Question:   Why am I receiving more than one bill for the same surgery? 
Answer:   There are a number of separate charges associated with your surgical procedure.

1.   Your Physician's office – his/her fee for performing your procedure
2.   Southeast Alaska Surgery Centers' charges for the facility fees

Question:   Are we able to set up a payment plan?
  We do ask that all balances are paid in full within 60 days.   If you encounter problems paying within the 60 days, please contact our office immediately at 907-523-5962 and ask about a payment plan.

Question:   What is your credit and payment policy?
  Credit and Payment Policy
Full payment is due within 60 days of your surgery.

We strongly encourage you to personally contact your insurance company about your upcoming surgery.   It is mandatory that YOU, as the insurance subscriber, confirm that all prior authorization information necessary to your specific policy is completed before your surgery date.   You may be penalized by your insurance company if you don’t follow your policy guidelines. You must understand what your benefits cover and how this may affect you financially.

We will submit insurance claims for you.   We may request that your deductible and co-pay amounts are paid on or before your date of surgery.   You will receive a notice from us regarding the amount to pay.   Self-pay accounts are asked to pay 50% of the total estimated procedure on or before the date of surgery and to also sign a financial agreement keeping in mind that our balances are due within 60 days.

If you anticipate difficulty in paying your bill within the 60 day period please let us know.